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SKL series self-priming jet pump


Installation and operation

SKL self-priming jet pump has high lift, large flow, high efficiency, reliable performance, simple operation, and is widely used in domestic water, garden irrigation, industrial and agricultural water and other fields.

Operating range

Suction head ≤ 9m

Temperature of conveyed liquid ≤ 80 ℃ (physical properties of liquid are similar to water)

structure characteristics

Pump body: cast iron

Impeller: copper or PPO plastic

Front cover: cast iron

Mechanical seals: ceramic, graphite, stainless steel and rubber

Motor: the motor and water pump are connected synchronously. The Morvin asynchronous motor has good performance, with thermal protector, stainless steel welding shaft, and meets the requirements of single-phase three-phase motor

Thermal protector: meet the requirements of single-phase three-phase motor operation according to current standard

Insulation grade: Grade B/F

Protection grade: IP44/54

Installation and safety level: comply with national standards and IEC standards

110V, 220V/60HZ and 50HZ models can be produced according to customer requirements.