Motor maintenance

2022-10-28 08:53

The motor maintenance process of the professional motor maintenance center: cleaning the stator and rotor -- replacing the carbon brush or other parts -- vacuum class F pressure impregnation -- drying -- dynamic balance calibration.

1. The operating environment should always be kept dry, the motor surface should be kept clean, and the air inlet should not be obstructed by dust, fiber, etc.

2. When the thermal protection of the motor acts continuously, find out whether the fault is from the motor or overload or the setting value of the protection device is too low. After the fault is eliminated, the motor can be put into operation.

3. The motor shall be well lubricated during operation. Generally, the motor should be supplemented or replaced after running for about 5000 hours

If the bearing is overheated or the lubrication deteriorates during operation, the hydraulic system shall replace the lubricating grease in time. Three phase asynchronous motor cage rotor asynchronous motor is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable operation, light weight and low price. Its main disadvantage is that it is difficult to speed. The rotor and stator of the wound three-phase asynchronous motor are also provided with three-phase windings and connected with the external rheostat through slip rings and brushes. The starting performance of the motor and the speed of the motor can be improved by adjusting the resistance of the rheostat. When replacing the lubricating grease, the old lubricating oil shall be removed, and the oil grooves of the bearing and bearing cover shall be cleaned with gasoline, and then ZL-3 lithium base grease shall be filled into 1/2 (for the second pole) and 2/3 (for the fourth, sixth, and eighth poles) of the cavity between the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

4. When the service life of the bearing ends, the vibration and noise of the motor will increase significantly. When the radial clearance of the bearing reaches the following value, the bearing shall be replaced. Single layer winding of three-phase asynchronous motor can be divided into chain winding, cross chain winding, concentric winding and cross concentric winding according to the different coil shape and terminal arrangement.

5. When disassembling the motor, take out the rotor from the shaft extension end or non extension end. If it is unnecessary to remove the fan, it is more convenient to take out the rotor from the non shaft extension end. When taking out the rotor from the stator, the stator winding or insulation shall be prevented from being damaged.

6. When replacing the winding, the form, size, turns, wire gauge, etc. of the original winding must be recorded. When these data are lost, they should be obtained from the manufacturer. The original design winding can be changed at will, which often worsens the performance of one or more items of the motor, even makes it unusable. National standard motor.

Daily guide for water pump maintenance

1. Daily maintenance of water pump: daily maintenance.

Check the water pump power lead for aging, peeling, and copper core leakage. If the power lead is on shore, it can be wrapped

Just package. If it is in water, it is recommended to replace the power cord Frequently check whether the water pump impeller is blocked by mud, foreign matters, etc., or the water outlet impeller. Check whether the sound of the water pump is good when it is running. If there is any noise, it means that the water pump bearing is damaged, and it needs to be repaired, refueled, and replaced. Check whether the water pump leaks electricity when it is running. If it does, please send it to the water pump maintenance department for maintenance. National standard motor.

2. How to deal with abnormal noise of water pump: there are three reasons for abnormal noise.

1、 The water pump bearing is damaged and needs to be replaced.

2、 The impeller of the water pump is loose and grinds to the bottom cover of the water pump.

3、 Water pump coil damage

3. The water pump cannot supply water normally after starting: there are four reasons why the water pump cannot supply water normally

1、 Whether the water pump is a centrifugal pump and whether it needs to be used for water diversion,

2、 Whether the water pump reverses. If so, replace the capacitor connector.

3、 Whether there are foreign matters in the water pump outlet or impeller gap.

4、 Check whether the water pump seal is installed properly.